There have been many mixed reactions from one end of the spectrum to the other when it comes to the very popular Unicorn Frappuccino. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try out this only available for a limited time rainbow beverage before it disappeared, so I can’t really give a proper opinion on what I thought about it. 

The Unicorn Frappuccino. (Photo courtesy of Starbucks Canada)

First and foremost, I must admit that I’ve always been a Second Cup kind of gal. It’s not Starbucks’ fault, but all through my high school days Second Cup was the only thing around, well, that and Bakers Dozen lol. Oh and we certainly can’t forget J.J. Muggss, where all the Loretto girls use to hang out once patio weather hit. To my dismay I don’t think there are any locations left, though, I’m not quite sure if the location at Woodbine Mall is still open as I haven’t been out that way in quite some time.

Anyway, back to the Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows (couldn’t resist, my kids are obsessed with this YouTube video) drink that has everyone going haywire. For people to complain that Starbucks shouldn’t have made this drink because it’s so obscenely loaded with sugar and so horribly bad for your health is totally ridiculous.

There’s way too much sugar in a lot of the drinks promoted by companies like Starbucks, Second Cup, Tim Hortons, McDonalds, and the list goes on. So if you don’t want to drink it because of the sugar content then don’t, it’s really that simple.

If working in the media has taught me anything, it’s that this Unicorn Frappuccino has brought a lot of attention to Starbucks. I’m sure it also brought many customers into their cafes too. So, is it really a bad thing? If anything it was a great PR stunt that worked its magic perfectly, I mean it got us talking about it right?

People will always find something to criticize, so it doesn’t matter what Starbucks or its competitors are doing or not doing, it’s the nature of the beast. I do wish I would have tasted it as I know many people who said it was pretty good and not as overly sweet as had been said. But I guess I’ll never know, that is unless Starbucks decides to bring it back.

So what did you think of the purple beverage with swirls of blue bursting with sweet and fruity flavours? Did the taste really evolve to tangy and tart once you stirred it?