The Dell XPS 13 Gold model.
The Dell XPS 13 Gold model, starting at $1,199.99.

For well over a decade, I’ve been a Mac girl. You could even say that my Mac is my best friend. I mean we have spent so much time together, working long nights into the wee hours of the morning on photos or articles or blogs. Side-by-side, it’s been me and my Mac.

It wasn’t always that way, it started off as a love/hate relationship, more on the hate side. I was so used to working on a PC, and couldn’t stand the Mac computer. Eventually that did change and since then I never looked back.

One of the perks of my job, being a journalist/blogger, is that I get to review some pretty cool stuff, from beauty products to electronics. This summer I’ve been tinkering around with the Dell XPS 13 Gold model, and I must say that it’s been quite fun to play with.

I’ve always liked Dell computers/laptops, I mean they’re gorgeous to look at so who wouldn’t like them? But to me, it’s still a PC, it’s not my Mac. So when I was offered to test drive this puppy, I figured ok, I’ll bite, let’s see what this guy can do. Though, in the back of my mind, I knew, I just knew that there was no way it would ever compete with my little Mac, the apple of my eye. Ok, I’m being a little cheesy, but it’s true.

Well, I was wrong. It’s been dubbed the smallest 13.3″ laptop across the globe decked out with the world’s first virtually borderless InfinityEdge display, which as I learned is pretty darn cool. It’s the thinnest frame on any laptop I have ever seen.

Its touch screen also gives you the option of using the laptop like a tablet, which is cool for users who prefer the tablet over a laptop. It’s a stunning looking machine from every angle. The sharpness, detail and clarity of the screen is absolutely amazing whether you’re watching a movie or editing photos.

XPS Gold - front lidThe XPS 13 is equipped with UltraSharpTM Quad HD+ display, which features an incredible 5.7 million pixels. It comes loaded with a 6th generation Intel® processor up to CoreTM i7 and Intel HD Graphics* 520 into its slim frame (9- 15mm). It’s memory has been expanded to 16GB, and at a faster 1866MHz, enabling you and me to get to our data quicker.

One of the bonuses for me is how lightweight it is too, which is great because I carry so much stuff in my bag, I really don’t need anything else to make it heavier. And weighing a mere 2.7 lbs, how easy would this baby be to carry around?

The other great thing I really appreciated and enjoyed about this laptop was the battery life, it really is an impressive amount of time before it had to be recharged. It’s supposed to last about 18 hours, and for me it went almost a week and a half without having to be plugged in, and I was on it for a couple of hours a day. If you want the battery lasting even longer, the Dell XPS 13 also has an energy saver called the Dell Power Companion, which adds about 10 more hours to the battery life.

The Dell XPS 13 starts around $1,199.99, depending on what extras you want to add and install, which is an overall great price for a laptop. So does it compete with my Mac? It comes pretty darn close. I could definitely see myself adopting this model. The great thing is that it’s very easy to navigate and simple to get used to regardless of what you normally work on. It’s also a great laptop for students going back to school now in September. So if you’re in the market for a new computer, give the XPS 13 a whirl, it may just surprise you as much as it did me.

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