The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the biggest yearly festivals in Toronto, and by far one of the busiest for me. With numerous events going on daily for the duration of the festival, I’m hustling and bustling around the downtown core editing premieres and photographing events.

The 2015 Honda FIT
The 2015 Honda FIT EX CVT. Photo by Sandy Caetano
Navigating through the city during TIFF quickly and efficiently, making sure I’m there on time is of great importance when working on tight deadlines. And most of the time it’s just easier to hop in my car and drive to my destination myself rather than get on the TTC or in a taxi.

This year for the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, Honda Canada offered me the 2015 Fit EX CVT to use for the duration of TIFF. This little car is amazing. It’s so peppy, like me when I’ve been drinking my Red Bulls for that boost of zest and energy to get me through the day.

From September 8th – 15th, the 2015 Honda Fit was my means of getting from point A to B to C to D and back again. Zipping in and out of traffic, this little machine got me where I had to go quick and safe, and because it’s so small, it made parking child’s play.

First of all, I must say that I was extremely happy it was an automatic transmission and not a manual one, or I would have been doomed and stuck taking a cab everywhere I went. Me and the stick just don’t mix very nicely. I can honestly say that I spend more time stalling the car than I do driving it.

Lots of cargo space in the 2015 Honda FIT EX CVT. Photo by Sandy Caetano
Lots of cargo space in the 2015 Honda FIT EX CVT. Photo by Sandy Caetano
The Fit was such an ideal little car to navigate around the city during TIFF. You can fit whatever you want inside, and fit this cute little thing anywhere you want. It’s deceiving when you first look at it, as it’s so small, you wouldn’t expect to fit as much as it holds in the back. You can fold up the second row seating and fit a full size bicycle in there, not a kid’s bike, an adult size one. And you still have cargo space in the back for more stuff.

It’s so much fun to drive around in the 2015 Fit, there’s no denying that. I feel like a little kid with a shiny, new toy heading out on a new adventure every time I got behind the wheel. It’s newly designed sporty looking interior is full of character, it has great visibility all the way around, it handles like a dream, and in my opinion is fabulous on gas especially for city driving.

The 2015 Honda Fit EX CVT starts in and around $14, 575. It’s tech features include the Display Audio System with HondaLinkTM Next Generation and the Honda LaneWatchTM blind spot display, which gives me added peace of mind when changing lanes. The Fit can seat three people in the second row comfortably, plus the driver and front passenger leaving generous space to move around without feeling so claustrophobic.

The model I was given to test drive had cloth seating, but it’s available with leather-trimmed seating surfaces as well, giving it that extra level of sophistication and pizzazz.

When I said this little guy has pep, I wasn’t kidding. Under the hood the 2015 Fit is equipped with a 1.5-litre, 16-valve, Direct Injection DOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylinder Earth DreamsTM engine. Though I may not know what all of that jargon means, I do know that this Fit model is jam-packed with more horsepower, making it more quick and efficient without sacrificing its performance. As soon as your foot touches the gas, this bad boy wants to fly. And if one is not too careful, one can get into a lot of trouble with this little speeding bullet.

The 2015 Honda FIT EX CVT. Photo by Sandy Caetano
The 2015 Honda FIT EX CVT. Photo by Sandy Caetano
The 2015 Fit also comes with the ECON mode button, so when you press this button it puts the Fit into a fuel-saving mode helping you save at the pumps by getting the most out of every litre of gas.

It’s an affordable car to own for someone who doesn’t have a big budget and it’s a great vehicle for everyday city driving, whether it’s to go to and from work, taking the kids to and from soccer practice or just going to pick up groceries.

For me, it was a great vehicle to use while working TIFF, for taking my kids to school and especially for parking in tight spots downtown. The Fit was hands down a fun experience. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, myself, the hubby or the kids!

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