There’s nothing like the smell of the crisp air once you’ve left the smoggy congested city life and have ventured up north where the air is less polluted and feels so fresh. Who needs A/C when just having the windows rolled down and the cool breeze flowing in and around you is enough to keep out the warmth of the summer months?

2014 Honda Odyssey
2014 Honda Odyssey
We hadn’t even left the city yet, and as soon as we were all buckled into the 2015 Honda Odyssey, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It’s the same feeling I get every time we go camping. Just thinking of being unplugged from technology and all of the devices we are usually glued to on a daily basis, makes me wish I were back up in Algonquin.

Usually we have the Honda Pilot when we go camping, this year we were given the Odyssey to test out. After test-driving the 2013 Odyssey for our stay-cation last year, I was excited to take this baby camping, but I was also worried we wouldn’t fit everything we needed in there. Boy was I wrong. And though it’s not often I admit it, my husband was right when he said the Odyssey has more room then the Pilot.

With the Pilot, we had to strap a roof top carrier to the top of the vehicle, and with the Odyssey there was no need for it. Not only did we fit everything in the cargo space of the Odyssey, but we also had a few extra things for our new addition to the family, our fur-baby Shadow, including his crate. My kids sat in the second row seating comfortably and not squished by all the things, like pillows and blankets, that we had to fit in-between them in previous years. They had room to have their own things easily accessible for the long drive. I remember first year we went camping, they had such a mountain of pillows and blankets in-between them that they couldn’t even see each other. It was hilarious.

On our way to Pog Lake, Algonquin Park. Such happy boys!
On our way to Pog Lake, Algonquin Park. Such happy boys!

So to be able to have this extra room was amazing, especially for my boys. Our fur-baby Shadow, a lab/husky who was 4-months-old at the time, just a little pup, lay asleep on the floor at my feet, where there was lots of room for him to move around. I think we only made one pit-stop and that was a washroom break a little more than half-way through our drive up to Algonquin.

It was a smooth drive, and unlike in some vehicles where you feel every bump in the road, with the Odyssey we didn’t notice a thing. It was great on gas too, we didn’t have to fill it up until after we got up to the campground, and if I’m not mistaken that was a few days in before we filled up.

If there is one thing I’m always looking for in a vehicle it’s space, and that’s one thing the Honda Odyssey doesn’t lack in, in fact every year this mini-van continues to offer space-efficient interior like no other vehicle I have tested out. The Dodge Grand Caravan Sport comes close, but I still much prefer the space, the look and the feel of the Odyssey

My younger brother, who is expecting twins in the new year, is now looking into purchasing a Honda Odyssey. Personally, I like to think I’m the one who sold him on it, especially considering he echoed my feelings on mini-vans too. To us it was like driving a bus, who really needs such a big vehicle anyway? Who really needs all that space? Many people don’t need it, but for any family with kids the Odyssey is a dream.

Our campsite at Pog Lake, Algonquin Park.
Our campsite at Pog Lake, Algonquin Park.
You don’t realize how useful mini-vans like the Odyssey are until you utilize all of its features yourself. I didn’t want to see how great it was because in my mind I just hated it, lol, as childish as it sounds, I didn’t want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle I thought was so uncool.

Today, when I’m on the road in my SUV, the majority of vehicles I see now are mini-vans, especially the Honda Odyssey. The 2014 model has more of a sophisticated look, which goes for all Honda models. It has similar sleek curves to that of the Civic, giving it a refined look.

Like all of Honda’s lines, the 2014 Odyssey comes with all the tech savvy perks you could want like Bluetooth hands-free calling, the intelligent Multi-Information Display, an 8-inch touch feature screen, two gigabytes of audio storage, a DVD player and a USB audio port. The model we had, was a base trim model so it didn’t have all of the above, though it did have a few of them including the Bluetooth hands-free calling and the rearview camera, which makes parking a breeze.

All the cool things under the hood, things I have only begun to understand, like the 3.5-liter V-6 that’s under the hood hasn’t changed. To me, driving the Odyssey feels like I’m behind the wheel of the Civic, it performs like a car with no delayed reaction times – when I move the vehicle moves with me. It was great on the roads up north, hugging corners like a sports car, it handles beautifully.

On the road to Pog Lake, Algonquin Park.
On the road to Pog Lake, Algonquin Park in the 2014 Honda Odyssey.
The 2014 Odyssey is a vehicle I feel safe travelling in with my family. It has great visibility, a blind-spot warning system, lane change and forward collision warning too.

I definitely loved driving the 2014 Honda Odyssey, there was nothing I didn’t like about it. It made our camping trip that much more fun and pleasurable. And we can’t forget how less stressful the trip was for me knowing I had room for everything I had packed and needed to take with us. Can’t wait until next summer to try out the newest model!

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