The 2013 Acura MDX is the epiphany of luxury, the perfect pairing of beauty and flawless performance. Honda and Acura are big on the connection between man and machine, and with the 2013 MDX they’ve done nothing short of accomplishing that achievement.

The new MDX is quite powerful with its V6 engine that generates 300 horsepower. It’s a bit slow on the take off, but once it’s going, it’s gone. The way this SUV handles itself on the road is remarkable. It doesn’t hesitate, it doesn’t lag – when you want it to go, it moves with you when you want it to. It rounds the corners of intersections without any issues, it stops and goes without feeling like you’re on a subway jerking to and fro. It runs with grace like a cheetah and flies just as smooth as a hawk, allowing its passengers to ride comfortably.

2013 Acura MDX. Courtesy of Acura and Honda Canada.
2013 Acura MDX. Courtesy of Acura and Honda Canada.

It’s a great vehicle for highway driving, making it a synch to pass others on the road, it’s not even a competition. This SUV exudes confidence in every aspect of its driving experience. The only downfall was its fuel consumption, it didn’t seem to last as long as other SUVs in its class.

The 2013 Acura MDX SH-AWD starts at $53, 250, and includes a 300-hp, 3.7-litre, V6 VTEC engine with power tailgate, backup camera, handsfree bluetooth capabilities, heated seating in the first and second row, and of course leather-trimmed interior. This 7-passenger SUV has luscious seating, and was very comfortable for my kids especially when they fell asleep.

Though it was nice and cushiony for my kids while they napped, I felt it was a bit over-the-top with its plush seating. It got a bit uncomfortable sitting in the front bucket seats on our journey to Niagara Falls for our family weekend getaway, that I was quite content to get out and stretch during our pit stops. The front cabin isn’t as spacious as other SUVs, and for me, definitely needs that extra room.

The interior of the vehicle was gorgeous, and with all the gadgets and buttons, I felt like I was in a 747 not knowing what button or knob to touch. Once I familiarized myself with the controls, it all operated rather nicely. Besides the standard audio inputs (CD, AM/FM, and satellite radio) the MDX allows you to stream music from your phone via bluetooth once you’ve paired it, and worked fabulous with my iPhone.

After having test-driven a number of vehicles thus far, the 2013 MDX is one that didn’t seem to turn too many heads. Perhaps because it’s not the type of vehicle that really stands out in a crowd, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less eye candy then perhaps the Acura ZDX. It’s a gorgeous vehicle that overall will give its owner an unbelievable experience. It’s child friendly when it comes to storage, easy to clean with its leather seats when kids spill their milk or leave any cookie crumbs behind and perfect for big families with more than 2 children with the third row of seating. The large trunk space is also an added bonus, everyone can enjoy and make good use of.

Overall the 2013 Acura MDX delivers an unbelievable driving experience in a stylish shell, inside and out. For more information visit