The all-new 2013 Honda Accord is a remarkable sedan, one at the very top of its class. The ninth-generation Accord marvels in its own beauty. From bumper to bumper its nearly flawless.

2013 Honda Accord Sedan. Photo by Sandy Caetano.
2013 Honda Accord Sedan. Photo by Sandy Caetano.

The newest Accord is about 3.5 inches shorter than it’s predecessor, without barely changing the dimensions of the cabin itself. While sitting inside the Accord, whether you’re in one of the luscious front bucket seats or the back bench, it feels more roomy than the 2012. For the parents out there, such as myself, there’s space for two car seats to fit comfortably and to have a third person sit in the middle, or if you need to seat three people in the back bench they are still be able to stretch and move without feeling claustrophobic.

Under the hood, the Accord seems more powerful, and based on reviews I’ve read that’s because of its lighter weight engine. They were able to change certain components to plastic to reduce the weight of the engine such as the cam covers, amongst other adjustments that added to the overall efficiency of the Accord.

When taking this car on the road it steers beautifully, the acceleration is impressive, the brakes and suspension are so phenomenal you barely feel anything when the car is coming to a stop or slowing down, it’s like putting your foot down on a cushion. And with the amount of city driving we do, there was no hesitation in our stop and go’s. It was just a pleasure to drive.

A feature my husband has fallen in love with is the blind-spot camera, or what Honda calls LaneWatch. In the bottom of the passenger mirror, this camera switches on whenever you use your turn signal. The one thing I, as a mom, always look for when checking out a new vehicle is storage, and the Accord didn’t let me down at all in this area. The trunk in the 2013 Accord is even larger than the last model, and according to the specs of the car its maximum volume was increased by over one cubic foot. It allowed me space to store my kids back packs for school, groceries, or our overnight bags when going out of town. Once you’ve got everything packed in there, you’re rather surprised with how much you can fit in the trunk.

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Interior of the 2013 Honda Accord. Photo by Sandy Caetano.

The interior of Honda’s vehicles are always done up with class, and it’s a great looking sedan both inside and out. It’s great for day to day use in and around the city, or on the highway. It’s the type of car you can use everyday, and one my kids certainly loved riding in. Child safety is always very important to me, and with child locks on each of the back doors, and seat belts that were simple to put on and take off, and fit nice and snug, my family and I always felt safe getting in and out of the Honda Accord.

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