As the owner and driver of a 2011 Ford Escape XLT, which I love very much, I was excited to be given the opportunity to test-drive the all-new 2013 Ford Escape Titanium EcoBoost 4WD.

photo 5
2013 Ford Escape. Photo by Sandy Caetano.

After signing the release form at the Ford Plant in Oakville, I was handed the keys to a gingerale coloured 2013 Ford Escape. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning anxiously waiting to unwrap their first gift. This was also the first Ford vehicle that I would be reviewing as well, another first I was proud of, another contact I was happy to add to my books. After all, this is Ford we are talking about. Having made such a solid relationship with the amazing team at Honda/Acura (which also includes their PR team at Media Profile), it was great to start that with another highly reputable company, such as Ford Canada.


With the keys in my hand, I unlocked the doors and got in to check things out before setting forth to my destination. One of the things I was super eager to test out was the trunk, especially after watching the television commercial, that demonstrated the hands-free lift-gate. What an amazing idea. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to the car and have had to put a few things down just so I can open the lift-gate, only to pick my things back up again and deposit them in the trunk.

So I made sure the vehicle was unlocked, walked to the back and put my foot under and around the bumper of the Escape, and … nothing happened. I thought ok, maybe I didn’t unlock the car, so I tried it again. And, once again, nothing. I figured maybe I had to tap the bottom of the bumper with my foot, again nothing. Frustrated I gave up.

Later, while at home, I tried it again and it finally worked! Yay! I guess my foot wasn’t near the sensor? I don’t know, but after that, I was able to get it going every time, and boy was it great feature to have. And so simple too, once your foot was in the right spot.

The look of the new Escape was quite nice. I love the rounded curves, the lines on the hood of the car made it look sporty, and the overall feel of the Escape was quite luxurious. In terms of looks, it wasn’t as rugged as the 2011, the last of its kind before it was given this new make-over in 2012. Another cool feature was that this baby could parallel park itself. It was scary at first, but once you got the hang of it, it was neat.

photo 1 copy
Interior of the 2013 Ford Escape. Photo by Sandy Caetano.

The 2013 Escape starts at $21,499 and goes up from there depending on the model you select and what extras you tack on, and believe me, there are a lot of extras. This crossover was loaded to the gills with a sunroof, a fabulous sound system, and a navigation system that includes a compass so you can tell which direction you’re going in. It was also equipped with Bluetooth capability so you can hook up your smartphones or iPods and listen to music or make/receive calls handsfree. There was also a Do Not Disturb Feature that will prohibit phone calls from coming through as well, a neat feature to have.

The interior was gorgeous all decked out in charcoal grey leather with heated seats. The console was beautiful, but the stick shift was awkward to use. In the 2011 Escape is closer to the console so the driver can rest their arm on the console and still reach the stick shift, where as in the 2013 it’s closer to the navigation unit, making it a little straining on your arm when reaching for it.

The front cabin was spacious, more so than a few other SUVs I’ve driven, and the back seats were also pretty good too. The leg room in both the front and back seats were decent and not cramped.

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