Jack be nimble, Jack be quick – Jack must be driving a Honda Fit!

The 2012 Honda Fit is an amazing car. It offers both the comfort and quality you would expect from a Honda, except with an added peppiness you can’t ignore. Personally, I prefer the bigger vehicles – SUVs, trucks, crossovers, etc.– but for a car of its size, it’s easy to see why many enjoy this ride, and what the fuss is all about.

I’ve driven the Smart Car, and though it was cool because it’s so small and compact and fits anywhere, it was rather awkward to drive. There wasn’t much space inside the vehicle, so it was hard to be comfortable while driving, where as the Fit was just as spacious, if not more so than an SUV.

When you drive a vehicle like the Fit, it’s exciting getting behind the wheel. You almost try to find an excuse or a reason to take it on the road, not that you really need one. It’s small enough to get in and out of traffic in a jiffy, and large enough to carry five of your friends comfortably.

The Fit is wonderful for city driving, as it’s great on fuel. A full tank of gas lasted me a week and a half of stop-and-go city driving. It’s very deceptive, and goes quite fast if you’re not keeping a mindful eye on your speed. For a small car, the Fit is also very responsive, turning when you want it to turn and stopping when you need it to. With bigger vehicles the response time is typically slower.

Cargo space was surprisingly decent, with a deep trunk that made up for it being on the small side. The second row of seating folds up and down depending on your needs, and you can even fit a bicycle or two back there. Believe me, I tried it out.

photo 5The seat belts in the back are a little difficult to buckle and require a bit of strength to click it in. And besides the fact that it’s so low to the ground, the Honda Fit is quite a great car. If you’re looking for something that’s easy on the wallet and on gas, this is definitely the way to go. It’s perfect for small families, affordable for students or anyone on a budget who’s looking for a simple car to help get them wherever their lives might take them.

There’s also a Honda Fit-based SUV in the works, something I will definitely be checking out. The Honda Fit has won numerous awards, continuing to spark people’s interests and it’s easy to see why. The Honda Fit is an adventure waiting to happen. Can’t wait to try the 2013!