The all-new, completely redesigned 2012 Honda Accord Sedan V6 is a dream in every sense of the word. The Accord has always been a fan fave and has won its share of accolades through the years, and it’s no wonder why.

This edition is no different, starting with its bold, sleek look both outside and inside. It’s exterior is very similar to that of a BMW, very sporty and classy with similar design lines but without the price tag. When you get behind the wheel and ease into drive, it feels like you’re in one of these luxury sport sedans.

The spacious interior was very impressive, with lots of leg room, cup holders and storage. It’s seats are comfortable and easy to get in and out of for its driver and passengers, even for the little ones sitting in the back seat. The seat warmers are a great tool, which also include a cooling option – even the back seats were equipped with this warming/cooling feature, something both of my boys enjoyed immensely.

The cargo space in the trunk was also fabulous. As a mom with two kids, it’s one of the first things I look for in a vehicle. Whether it’s a day trip with the kiddies, a photo shoot to attend with all my equipment or a morning of grocery shopping, the Honda Accord is perfectly equipped for moms-on-the-go such as myself.

Under the hood you’ll find the all-new 2.4-litre, direct-injection 4-cylinder engine, making it the first Honda in North America to have this amazing engine. This remarkable engine also includes a cold air intake system, which basically allows your engine to breathe – something I knew nothing about until my hubby popped the hood all amazed with what he found, and of course had to explain to me what all the oohs and ahhs were about.

What I learned: since cold air is denser than warm air, the cold air intake pulls in more oxygen allowing for an increase in engine efficiency, performance and power. The latter being one department this Accord does not lack in.

The added horsepower is definitely not to be overlooked, and something one definitely has to be careful with as it’s a lot of power you now have in your hands once behind the wheel. It’s so deceiving how quickly you can go from 80km/hr to 100km/hr, and in no time you’re going 140km/hr on the highway wondering how you’ve almost reached your exit. The transition is so smooth and very dangerous. I couldn’t believe how quick I was going until I had to slow down, praying that I didn’t get nailed by the cops for speeding.

Both my husband and I were quite pleased with the ease of this vehicle, how simple it was to get the kids in and out, how well it handled and hugged corners, and how safe we felt driving on city roads, as well as, on the highway. It’s easy on the eyes, and really feels like you’re in a luxury vehicle.

Features such as the HondaLink, which allowed me to sync my iPhone for music and to accept incoming calls without having to touch my phone was amazing. The audio touch screen connected me to my favourite online news and entertainment.

One bonus feature I was absolutely in awe over and couldn’t get enough of was the new LaneWatch blind spot display, which scared the living daylights out of me. When I first picked up the Accord from Honda’s Headquarter’s I got in, adjusted all my mirrors, input my destination into the car’s navigation system, buckled myself in and made sure I was ready to get on the road.

While making a right turn to leave the premises, my screen all of a sudden changed to camera mode and was showing me the area outside the passenger’s side of the vehicle. I had no idea what was happening. And just as quick as it turned on, it had vanished. I thought this must be a feature I didn’t yet know about. Shortly before my next right turn, I signalled earlier so I could see what would happen. Low and behold the camera came on again, and I realized it was showing me my blind spot. How amazing was that? It’s a great feature, and even though I still physically checked my blind spot, it’s one I think every car should have as a precaution.

Though I’m a big fan of the SUV type of vehicle, the Accord is a really great car and fit into my day-to-day life rather perfectly – from work to play, especially with my young kids, this is a car I could definitely see myself driving regularly.

Overall, the all-new 2012 Honda Accord Sedan V6 is loaded with cutting-edge technology and features to help make every drive you take a truly remarkable experience.

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