In honour of Elmwood Spa’s birthday this year, journalists and beauty experts were invited to an exclusive media only experience at the spa to celebrate 30 years of being Toronto’s original destination for beauty, health and wellness.

Courtesy of Elmwood Spa.

To commemorate the Spa turning the big 30, we were pampered with a complimentary spa treatment followed by some refreshments, including champagne, and delicious Thai munchies at Bangkok Garden restaurant.

But before the bubbly, we got to indulge in our spa treatments. We had the choice of few different services: the Oxygen Facial, Hydradermie Double Ionization Lift Facial, Swiss line Virtual Surgery or the new Fire and Ice Massage or body scrub.

Though it was difficult to choose just one, and as I’m partial to massages, I opted for the Fire and Ice Massage. Once I was ready, I was escorted to my treatment room where my RMT explained what the Fire and Ice Massage entailed, including some of its benefits.

First the muscles are warmed up and relaxed with a hot shell massage to release tension. Next the massage is followed by a short application of cold shells, which act as a powerful decongestant to draw out excess heat in the muscles. This process of hot and cold application is repeated several more times, and then followed with Swedish techniques to encourage further relaxation of the muscles.

Courtesy of Elmwood Spa.

The application of heat felt absolutely amazing, so much that I could feel my muscles relaxing at every touch. As soon as I felt the cold shells touch my skin though, the sensation was quite interesting and very different from anything I’ve experienced at the spa before.

On the right side of my back the cold felt good, but on my left side it was as if someone were tickling me. I felt like I was being pulled out of my relaxation state of mind with each application of cold shells, and then thrust back in when the heat was applied. It sort of took away from my experience. Overall, the massage was very relaxing, and the tension I felt in my lower back and shoulders had been alleviated.

After my treatment, I relaxed a little more in the hot tub before getting ready for the reception at Bangkok Garden where we given gift bags with goodies from the spa. While enjoying our beverages and Thai hors d’oeuvres, we also were invited to sit in on a ceremony where Thai Monks blessed the building of the spa.

It was a great day, one in which I enjoyed very much. Elmwood Spa is one of those places I just can’t get enough of, I mean who doesn’t love getting pampered? So if you find yourself in dire need of some serious relaxation or a break from your everyday stresses, let Elmwood Spa – Canada’s Favourite Urban Oasis – take care of you.

Courtesy of Elmwood Spa.

This month they have a special definitely worth taking advantage of, Bring A Man and Save 20%. Since my husband and I will be celebrating our 7th anniversary this month, we’re booking a couples massage and I’m getting him to try out the Fire and Ice Massage.

Visit for more information about their specials and treatments.

What new treatments have you tried out lately at the spa? Or if you haven’t been to the spa recently, what’s one of your favourite treatments to indulge in when you do go?