Bryan Baeumler, one of HGTV Canada’s favourite celebrity contractors, is back in a new season of Leave It To Bryan. Beginning Thursday August 30 at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada, more homeowners will be handing over their keys and their trust to let Bryan decide which reno he will start in their home. Bryan’s priority is to find the renovation each home needs, but will the homeowners be glad they decided to Leave It To Bryan?

New season of HGTV Canada’s hit series, featuring Bryan Baeumler,
begins Thursday, August 30 at 10pm ET/PT.

In each episode of Leave It To Bryan, homeowners who are planning a renovation invite Bryan into their home to show him what they want done, then let him assess what other renovations the home could use. After leaving him to it, they return to find their house under construction – but they don’t know which reno he’s chosen! He may choose a new roof over a kitchen upgrade, or a functional living room layout instead of an in-home theatre. The homeowners might not get what they’re expecting – but when you Leave It To Bryan you get what you need.



Episode 1 – Backseat Contractor

Thursday August 30 at 10pm ET/PT

Sara and Wassim can’t agree on which renovation is next on their giant to-do list. Bryan has to choose the reno they need and take on Sara who isn’t used to anyone else taking the wheel.


Episode 2 – Reno Rescue

Thursday August 30 at 10:30pm ET/PT

Rania and Steve know firsthand the saying, ‘when it rains it pours.’ Their house has been nothing but a money pit since they’ve moved in.  The homeowners know which reno they want, but Bryan’s priority is helping them get out of the hole fast!


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About Bryan Baeumler: 

Bryan doesn’t believe he’s put in an honest day’s work unless he gets his hands dirty! A natural-born teacher, the Gemini-award winning host has been educating and entertaining viewers across Canada and the US for over six years on the hit shows Leave It To Bryan, House of Bryan and Disaster DIY.

Learning valuable tricks of the trade from his father, Bryan spent his childhood summers building his family’s cottage from the ground up. His innate passion for building eventually led him to found his contracting company Baeumler Quality Construction. A few years and a couple of hit TV seasons later, Bryan’s tackling even more projects than ever: he just finished building a cottage for his growing family in House of Bryan 2: On The Rocks, and will once again join HGTV Canada’s all-stars as a judge in the second season of Canada’s Handyman Challenge.