Lucy Kilislian, Co-Owner and founder of Candy Ice Jewelry

What’s your secret to keeping the balance between your career and the rest of your life?

I live with the belief that one must follow their true passion in life. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius

I think the secret is to look at a career and the rest of your life as parts that don’t compete but which coexist. It is important to stay mindful of all aspects of your life as success in one area will fuel success in all the other areas. I have chosen to surround myself with positive people who believe in and support me, which has made it a lot easier to find balance.

What tips can you offer other women who are all striving to keep the balance in their lives?

Choose a partner that naturally fits into your life, shares your same values and elevates you. Know what your priorities are and set important and realistic goals and work hard on achieving them. Surround yourself with a great team at work and spend time with friends who believe in you. Pencil in time to go for a walk or a workout and look after your health.

How do you balance healthy living and a healthy eating routine in your hectic schedule?

If you don’t have your health then you will not be good in any aspect of your life, so it is important to be conscious of what you eat and take time out to be physically active. I drink a lot of water and make sure to do some sort of physical activity every day. I snack predominantly on fruits and vegetables and don’t have big meals but smaller meals throughout the day. I dine out frequently so I keep to healthy, unprocessed and natural appetizers and salads.

What’s your guilty pleasure or secret luxury, something that is yours that you use as an escape?

I LOVE Candy. I have cut down a lot, but there is always something in my purse.

With all the demands you have pulling at you between work and home, how do you schedule time for yourself to either curl up on the couch with a good book or movie, go to the spa for a much deserved facial or massage, or to forget the day’s stresses by indulging in hot bath?

We must look after ourselves. I take wellness retreats once in a while to rejuvenate. I make appointments to go to the gym or to the spa, keeping those focus times blocked out just for myself.

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