Now more than ever, this is a job for Superman.

Hipsters and critics will tell you that the recent (more like a decade now) surge of interest in comic book superheroes stems from Hollywood’s inability to produce any more original ideas.

Movie goers have grown tired of big screen versions of classic and cult 60’s and 70’s television shows – I’m still waiting for the ‘Fall Guy’ remake.

There are definitely an abundance of universes, origin stories and tormented heroes to leap from the page and explore (and profit from) on film. However, I’m looking at the ‘need’ that we as a culture want from these heroes. And why now, more than ever, we need them. As I look back at a century’s worth of pulp heroes, caped crime fighters and sic-fi/fantasy adventurers, I can attest to their quick rise and fall in popularity according to when we needed them the most – when we needed to escape those real world villains that plague us.

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