Liam Neeson in The Grey. Photo courtesy of eOne Films.

Imagine being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no life preserves – no water, no food, no shelter, no way out.

It’s you versus nature. All you have to go on are your instincts and your will to survive. But what do you do when you’re in the middle of a never-ending snow storm surrounded by hungry wolves?

Liam Neeson stars in The Grey, where he leads a group of unruly oil-riggers as they try to make it to safety after a horrible plane crash has left them stranded in the remote Alaskan wilderness. These survivors are faced with horrible injuries, both physically and mentally, merciless weather, and a vicious pack of rogue wolves on the hunt.

Unfortunately, they must face the horrible truth that they may never make it back home to their families. Without realizing, they walk deeper and deeper into the wolves’ territory, and one by one, their numbers dwindle until only one is left standing. It comes to a final battle – alpha vs. alpha.

The Grey, now available on DVD. Starring Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo. Photo courtesy of eOne Films.

Neeson is a brilliant actor, and his role in The Grey is no acception. From the moment the film begins, it’s hard not to get pulled right into the story. Once the plane crashes, it’s moment after moment of unbelievably extraordinary storytelling.

This was a true call of the wild for the cast and filmmakers, who had to work through unbearable conditions and unpredictable weather, but they all chose to continue onwards even though many of them wound up with frostbite.

All of the details about the making of the film can be found in the bonus features on the DVD – Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, Clips, Interviews and Audio Commentary with co-writer/director Joe Carnahan and editors Roger Barton and Jason Hellman.

If you haven’t yet seen The Grey, pick it up on DVD today – it’s worth discovering.

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