Lisa Collins, Creative Director and Owner of Sweet Woodruff

What’s your secret to keeping the balance between your career and the rest of your life?

If I’m being absolutely honest, it’s 9pm at night, I’ve just got home and I’m doing this interview at my kitchen counter while standing and eating crackers from a box as my dinner. So, I would have to say that maybe I don’t have the secret to keeping a perfect balance in my life. However, not every day is like this. Some days, I’m home in time to cook, or see friends or spend a night relaxing at home with my boyfriend. I guess that’s the balance – knowing that some days are just going to be busier than others.

What tips can you offer other women who are all striving to keep the balance in their lives?

The same advice I give myself: Forgive yourself. At some point something has to give.

Having unrealistic expectations about what has to get done in a day sets you up for failure. Some days will feel more balanced than others. Some days will be more productive than others. And that’s ok. Learning to accept that has been a huge challenge, but also the key to keeping sane.

What kind of pressure do you feel as a woman in today’s day in age with having to juggle professional pressures and domestic challenges? 

I’m not sure I feel any pressure that is specific to being a woman. I think we all juggle a lot of things in our lives, as men or women. I grew up in a house where responsibility was shared, and that has carried over into my adult life. Of course I wish I could do it all. Have a gorgeous clean house. Make a homemade dinner every night. Go to the gym on a regular basis. Have a consistent social calendar. Go to work with beautiful clean hair. But these pressures are definitely self-inflicted.

How do you balance healthy living and a healthy eating routine in your hectic schedule? 

I’m pretty busy right now with my new store and a recent move to a new house, so there isn’t a ton of time to eat. I mostly eat only when I’m hungry, and I’m lucky to love fruit and vegetables. I have apples everywhere… in my car, in my purse, at my shop.

I do admittedly have quite the sweet tooth too and I’ve found that for me, giving into a craving on occasion is healthy. So instead of eating everything else to try to curb the craving, I just have the one thing that I’m craving … because in the end, don’t we always eat the chocolate anyway? Everything in moderation is something I live by.

Who do you turn to when you feel that you’re going to lose balance? 

I am so lucky to have the amazing family and friends that I do. My family absolutely holds me together. They are always there for me – no matter what the situation. My boyfriend is incredible. He is so supportive of me running my own business (and also very forgiving when I don’t have time for much else). And I quite literally have the best girlfriends in the world. They are supportive, encouraging, loving and loyal.

With all the demands you have pulling at you between work and home, how do you schedule time for yourself to either curl up on the couch with a good book or movie, go to the spa for a much deserved facial or massage, or to forget the day’s stresses by indulging in hot bath? 

Turning off my computer is a good start to de-stressing. Curling up with my man, a glass of wine and the ball game is a nice way to end the day too. And I run. Running is the ultimate way to clear my mind.

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