2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport

I must say the past few weeks have been quite enjoyable test driving these fine vehicles from Acura and Honda Canada. My favourite by far has been the 2012 Honda Ridgeline Sport. What a fabulous truck.

Besides the fact that this truck has got some massive power under the hood, it’s really great to get around in. It’s not so big that I can’t park in a regular parking spot, like at a grocery store or at a mall, or even to parallel park on the street. The visibility is quite good really, though I have been spoiled with the rearview camera and dearly missed having it in the Ridgeline.

One of the best features for me is the hidden storage compartment in the bed of the truck. I haven’t seen any other truck that has that kind of storage. This way you don’t even need the cover for the flatbed.

On the weekend after getting the truck, we visited my mother-in-law for lunch, and were able to bring over my hubby’s mountain bike and my older son’s bike in the back of the truck with no problem. With all the bags in the hidden cargo space, there was lots of room for the bikes. Needless to say they had a great bike ride that day.

My boys loved the truck, and we had a blast driving around in it. Every morning, my 5-year-old son was actually eager to get up and get ready for school, something he always puts up a fight to do. But, knowing that Mommy would be taking him to and from school in the cool Tonka Truck was incentive enough.

With all the city driving I did that week, covering the Upfront Presentations for Citytv, Global and CTV, I was pleasantly surprised with the overall fuel consumption. When I brought it back to Honda’s Headquarters, there was still 1/4 tank of gas left.

If I was able to afford this truck, I would definitely have one sitting in my driveway right now. But unfortunately, with the starting price at $39,000, it’s a little difficult to justify spending that much money on a vehicle, no matter how totally amazing it is.

I wish I could have kept the truck longer, but it was a whole lot of fun while it lasted. Can’t wait to see what I get to drive around in next! Thanks Honda Canada!

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