By Penny Mamais

From battling the stage of Canadian Idol to currently battling Cancer, Vincenzo Benenati is fighting for his life.  In 2005, Vincenzo Benenati was selected amongst 10,000 contestants from all over Canada to be a part of the Top 32 of Canadian Idol.  While on the show, Vince gained much attention and fans and he was nationally recognized for his amazing voice and proud Canadian/Italian heritage! Vince was proud to finish in 12th place that year!

Today though, his life is about singing another tune, and that is a tune of hope!  In 2010, shortly after celebrating his 30th birthday, he was diagnosed with Cancer.  Lymphoma to be exact!  It is a rare hybrid of cancer that combines both Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was crushing and was the most difficult and challenging time in Vince’s life.  Just before starting Chemotherapy, Vince and his wife Zanet found out they were pregnant, and amidst all the turmoil, they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Nya, a name which means “purpose.”

Despite all the efforts of treatments and chemotherapy however, the cancer is still there. Vince has exhausted all forms of treatments and as a final chance at life he is looking to undergo a treatment that is not covered by OHIP.

Vince has been through 2 different types of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and a stem cell transplant back in December of 2011. The results came back in May and showed that the tumor had once again started growing. Vince is faced with one last option and it is a drug called SGN-35 that is in clinical trial, not passed yet in Canada. It roughly costs about $14k per injection and about 6 injections are needed. This ex-idol contestant has exhausted all his treatment options and this is his only chance to live. He still remains positive and has not given up hope.  It is in this spirit of hope that Vince’s Family and friends are hosting a fundraising event at Le Jardin Banquet Hall, on July 5th 2012 called, “A Night of Hope.”  The event will be a night of hope, love and support to help raise the much-needed funds for Vince’s final treatment option.  Tickets are $100 and this includes dinner and entertainment!

Below are details of the event and further donation options. Join Vincenzo Benenati & his family in a “Night of Hope”.

Dinner & Entertainment

Tickets: $100

Location – Château Le Jardin

8440 Hwy 27 (Just north of Hwy 7)

Woodbridge, Ontario L4L1A5

Reception – 6:30pm

Dinner – 7:30pm

Donations can also be made directly to:

TD Canada Trust – 6422240 – 0350

(Transit No. 03502 Inst. No. 004 Account No.79456422240)

IC Savings – 17355

PayPal –