The morning after ladies night, ready to say goodbye to yet another fabulous vehicle from Honda Canada.

So Friday night was ladies night, a ritual the girls and I usually have once a month. This get-together was a little late, about 2 months overdue. The three of us have been so busy with our lives, career and family, that we just haven’t been able to schedule a night where we could all meet.

We decided to go for dinner instead of the usual coffee and desert at Caffé Demetre. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate brownie sundaes and strawberry ice cream filled crêpes are heavenly, but since we all had the evening free it was time to stray from Caffé D’s, at least until next time.

Montana’s is a great place for steaks and burgers, so we made reservations and met up there for 8pm Friday evening. Since I was the designated driver this time around, I picked up one of my girlfriends who lives about a five-minute drive from my place and down to the Queensway we went in the Honda CR-V.

My friend absolutely loved the vehicle and its roominess. The other great thing is the visibility when you’re in the driver’s seat – it’s really great how well you can see what’s in front of you and around you since it’s not such a huge vehicle, especially in front.

We got to Montana’s and were taken to our seats. Once my other girlfriend arrived, we ordered drinks and checked out the menu. Our appetizer was a spicy thai KAPOW breaded shrimp, which was super yummy and über delicious. Instead of going with my usual choice of pasta and chicken or a steak, I went with a Chipotle”Firecracker” Burger. This bad boy was grilled and smothered in chipotle sauce, topped with cheddar cheese, crispy onions and jalapeño peppers, drizzled with more chipotle sauce and then finished with tomatoes and lettuce.

Let’s just say that half way through, I, who adore hot spicy food, after all I am Portuguese, couldn’t take the heat of the jalapeño peppers that were chock full of seeds! So I pulled the peppers out and finished up my burger. Wow, what a meal!

After dinner, we went across the street to a dessert place called Spin Dessert Cafe, which I have heard is a fabulous place for dessert. One of my girlfriends has been there several times and agrees that the place is really good. But, it was Friday night, and it was a full-house with nowhere to sit unless you wanted to wait 30 minutes or longer.

Instead of cutting the night short, we got in the CR-V, went to the closest grocery store, picked up a tub of Häagen-Dazs vanilla bean ice cream and a box of molten lava cakes and headed back to my friend’s new condo down the street.

Girls night was a blast, dinner was awesome, dessert was delish, the ride in the CR-V was exciting, and being in the company of good friends was priceless.