It’s just about time for some seasonal shopping to support a summer of swimsuits, halter dresses, wedges, and BARE legs. Though we hate to admit it, we tend to pay a bit more attention to our appearance in the summer, hoping to embody a little St. Tropez. The best accessory your beach body is sexy, summer legs. Here are the must-have products that will give you the top model legs of your dreams:


Cost effective route to the coveted bronzed goddess summer glow sans the UV rays. Less expensive than professional spray tan services, today’s bronzing lotions provide a natural looking gradual “tanned look.”


All the benefits of high heels, making legs look longer and slimmer, but nicer on your feet and back. Choose intricate patterns or textures to add some sass to your summer look.


The all-in-one, at-home, hair removal system that guarantees sexy, smooth legs. Remove hair immediately with epilator or shaver attachments, while the elōs technology targets hair follicles with both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (radio frequency energy) to deliver permanent pain-free results.


The must-have complement to peekaboo wedges or an afternoon at the beach. Choose bright colours to play up the season and don’t forget to extend your pedi results by using a hydrating cream to keep skin supple and soft.

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