The gorgeous 2012 Honda CR-V AWD. Photo by Sandy Caetano.

Cars have always been a man’s toy. It’s his passion, something he can fix up, trick out, load with all the extras and claim as his own. Well, I’m not a man, but I must say I am so enjoying test driving these different vehicles I have been given by Acura Canada and Honda Canada.

I may not know a lot about what makes a car go, what’s under the hood, or all the other rocket science that goes with being an auto expert, but I do know what I want in a vehicle. And the 2012 Honda CR-V Touring AWD is an absolutely amazing car.

I picked it up Friday night after dropping off the Acura TL. The first thing I did after turning on the car was sync my iPhone. Since the six spots for Bluetooth devices were taken, I couldn’t add my phone until I deleted one. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. I even went into the manual, and still, it wouldn’t work. So I pulled out my earpiece for the ride home.

This Honda is not a car nor is it an SUV, but the best of both worlds combined – it’s what I’ve been told is called a crossover. This new CR-V has been completely redesigned and is more efficient, more powerful, more stylish and way more functional than ever before.

The traction on the 2012 CR-V is exceptional due to its Real Time AWD (all wheel drive), which makes it quite easy to stop, especially when you’re least expecting to. It’s fuel-efficient with the ECON mode, and was fabulous on our drive to Niagara on the long weekend. We barely even used half a tank of gas to drive from Toronto to and from Niagara Falls.

It was a smooth drive, and very roomy for my boys and my mother-in-law to sit in the back-seat with two booster seats. The kids’ movie players sat nicely behind the driver and front passenger’s headrest, keeping the boys and their grandmother entertained.

Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks at Niagara Falls. Photo by Sandy Caetano.

The sunroof provided just enough fresh air without being too windy, and the cargo space was phenomenal – even more space than my own SUV. We were able to fit coolers, bags of extra clothes and toys amongst other day-in-the-park essentials all in the back and were able to close the cover so nothing could be seen from the outside.All in all, it was a great road-trip, especially the drive back, after we watched the breathtaking fireworks display by the falls.