The 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD ELITE looks great in my driveway! Photo by Sandy Caetano.

It was refreshing to wake-up this morning, look at my window to see the 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD Elite and know I wasn’t dreaming. How often does anyone get an opportunity to test drive a new car? And all I have to do is review it and tell people what I like and don’t like about it?

So far there isn’t one thing I don’t like about this vehicle. It’s amazing on gas, simple to use features, easy to drive and has lots of cargo space. Since I have two kids, the one thing I need in a car is space to carry their stuff – bags with toys, snacks and extra clothes. And if I’m working or heading out to an event, extra bags include my camera and MacBook. So room is a must. The trunk is very spacious and offers me more than enough room to store my cargo.

The backseats are a perfect size for my two boys and their booster seats (though there’s not really enough room for a third person even though it’s a five seater), it’s low enough that they can climb in and out of without help, and there are safety locks on each door so they cannot be opened from the inside by a child who wants to get out of the car all by themselves. That safety feature definitely puts me at ease, knowing that I can drive without the fear of them being able to open the door and fall out.

The AWD (All Wheel Drive) has perfect traction and stability, giving the driver control to stop the car when need be. Even in the rain the day before, this little sedan stopped without sliding or skidding, it actually stopped when and where I wanted it to.

Today, I was assigned to cover the CBC 2012-13 Fall Launch for t.o.night newspaper, so I was ready and out my door by 10:30am. I packed all my gear in the trunk, got my boys buckled snuggly in the back and dropped them off at the sitter. Then it was time to head down to the event. Now that I’m used to how this baby moves and grooves, I was cruising all the way down to the CBC Building. Parking was a breeze, once I found a spot that is. And with the rear parking camera and alignment guides, backing into a spot was a synch.

After the presentation and my interviews with the cast members of numerous shows, I was off again to pick up my boys and head home. This Acura is a dream. It’s a smooth ride. Can I keep it? Please?