Just in time for Earth Day on Thursday April 22nd, come these fab green products from PC Home. If you’re looking for a way to be more eco-friendly, why not incorporate these items into your daily lives. It’s the small things we do that help make a difference.

On The TablePC Home 054

PC Eco-Cornstarch Dishware ($4.99) is a biodegradable dinnerware set great for picnics and parties, and durable for as long as you need it. This four-piece set includes plates, bowls and glasses, and when you’reready to toss them out, it’s designed to break down in a compost or landfill within a year.




On The Go

When you’re on the go, try having your coffee in this PC Ceramic To-Go Cup ($9.99). This double-walled ceramic cup will keep your coffee piping hot, eliminate paper waste and will prevent those annoying leaks with its silicone lid.





In The Bathroom

If you’re looking for ways to cut back on electricity, pick up the PC Quick Dry Bath Towel ($7.99), made with 100 percent cotton and the PC Quick Dry Bath Rug ($12.99), made with 100 percent acrylic microfibers. These absorbent materials are soft and dry faster than regular items in a standard dryer, reducing drying time by 12 to 25 percent.




In The Kitchen

With the PC Mistral Eco Recycling System ($9.99 and $14.99), you can easily separate waste, recycling and compost materials in your kitchen without any hassles. The system consists of three bins with colour-coded flip lids for ease of use. You can also keep your compost stylishly hidden away in the PC Ceramic Kitchen Compost Bin ($19.99), with an odor-controlling charcoal filter.