While in Toronto for the launch of her new beauty collection, exclusively at Sephora, famed jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino took some time to chat about all things makeup and beauty. 

Tarina Tarantino, famed jewelry designer, unveils her new beauty collection exclusively at Sephora.
Tarina Tarantino, famed jewelry designer, unveils her new beauty collection exclusively at Sephora.

Sandy Caetano: Every little girl loves wearing their mother’s make-up, clothes and jewellry – is that where your passion for all things beautiful began?

Tarina Tarantino: Completely, completely. I grew up in a family of women who were really into fashion, beauty, makeup and jewelry. (It was a) very girly girl family, but also very creative. I have a lot of artists in my family too. But my love of makeup specifically, was from my grandmother, (who) travelled a lot and she had these incredible drawers full of cosmetics in her vanity.

Sandy Caetano: Where are makeup trends going this summer when it comes to colour?

Tarina Tarantino: It’s becoming more accessible to wear colour on a daily basis, brighter coloured eyeshadows (especially). For the longest time we have been told natural means natural, it has to be a brown eyeshadow, it has to be a neutral lipstick, less is more. (And) while I love that, less can be more with colour.

Sandy Caetano: There seems to be a lot of makeup, particularly eyeshadows, that have a lot of shimmer to it. Is this a new trend?

Tarina Tarantino: Shimmer is another trend re-emerging. There’s glitter, there’s sparkle, there’s shimmer – it’s very wearable. Purple is a really strong colour this year, shimmery purple with flecks of sparkly pink, it’s just a really strong colour that can go from summer to fall.

Sandy Caetano: What are we seeing when it comes to hair accessories?

Tarina Tarantino: Hair accessories have become a staple, so it’s not just a trend. When I started and I was doing the little baby clips with crystals it was a big trend. But the trend never went away. So, every season we reinvent a new way to wear hair accessories. Right now head bands, particularly the stretchy hairbands with some sort of ornamentation are really popular and you can wear it bohemian style or you can wear them to actually pull your hair back.

Tarantino’s new beauty collection available exclusively at Sephora.

Sandy Caetano: Where are our lips headed this season?

Tarina Tarantino: Lipstick is making a comeback, and lipgloss is extremely important because we all want some shine and it’s fun. Lipgloss is like candy for your lips, so us girls really love our gloss.

Sandy Caetano: Fast forwarding a few months – what can you predict for fall trends?

Tarina Tarantino: Fall is going to be about metallics, but new metallics. There have been metallics on the market, but a lot of it looks too much like liquid metal. I think there’s going to be a new way to wear metallics this fall.